Interview dans un pop-up shop de Farringdon

16 Avr

Une fois n’est pas coutûme, je vous propose un blog post en anglais sur une boutique temporaire dans le quartier de Clerkenwell.
C’est au 64 Clerkenwell Road que j’ai rencontré les charmantes Gabrielle Levene, experte en mobilier et vêtements vintage et Julie Landau, la championne des concepts créatifs (chez Eve & Eileen) qui ont investi cet espace commercial pendant six semaines.

Gabrielle m’a reçu entre 2 clients, une vidéo à shooter et du shopping vintage. Pas de tout repos!

So, Gabrielle, thanks for having me. First question would be: how long have you been in the industry?
Haven’t been in the industry that long but I’ve been collecting vintage clothes for years and always been into fashion since I was little.

Do you make or do you create?
Both, it is split between my partner Julie and me, we’re both designer makers in household objects.

How did this pop up shop project come about?
We wanted to try out our products on the public, Craft Central has a little shop space that we took for a week but felt too short for all this effort.
Somebody offered us this space which is about 5 times the size! So, we’re here for 6 weeks. Nowadays, there seems to be a loophole with businesses having empty premises, they want to get creatives in there and it’s important for the artistic community.


Who is your favourite designer?
There’s so many, if I think of the ones that stand out,  Alexander McQueen,  Thierry Mugler or Dolce & Gabbana.

What would be your favourite period/ time for collecting items?
1920’s, 1930’s, up to the Forties.
The earlier the better really, that’s the periods I’m very inspired by: early cinema, early photographs, especially when you mix it up with current styles like the fetish scene or burlesque.

Did you have any formal training or are you an autodidact?
No, it’s just passion and inspiration. I did linguistics at university and then went into film. I’m actually a film-maker

How do you promote your work? Any artistic collaboration?
This is quite a new venture but we’ve been approached by designers and artists interested in collaborating and we’re definitely open to that!

How do you split roles between you and your partner?
I specifically do the vintage clothes, make cushions, erotic jewellery and I collect vintage clothes particularly from the turn of the century to 1940s. And I’m more Fine art; I deal with the painting and details like these vintage cushions with 1920’s trimmings on them or lace.
Our skills really complement each other as Julie is more of a designer/ builder; great at constructing things and concepts/ products like these light boxes.

Favourite place to go vintage shopping?
Portobello Market on a Friday, East London has some great vintage shops too and the Vintage Fair.

So, what will you do with all these items in 6 weeks?
Hopefully, there’ll be another shop space. We’ve been really lucky with this space.

Final words:
It’s a great thing (pop up space) for any budding artist, designer makers, fashionistas to do because you can really try out everything on the public, you get a sense for what they’re looking for, what they like and it’s helpful as an artist.

We really wanted this space to be somewhere that people wanted to come and hang out, other than friends and there’s been loads of passers-by who are friendly and excited by the idea.

To discover the lovely ladies and their brilliant work, head to the boutique on April,27th for their already famous soirée…

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